Saturday morning

There were sheets in the dryer, and I thought to myself, I should make the bed with the new sheets.

I need to take the other sheets off the bed. Uff, why do we have like seven blankets on this bed? Right, because Harper chewed a hole in the comforter.

We need a new comforter. I should put on on my Christmas list. Fire up amazon app, look at a few, add one to my wish list.

I need more things on my wish list so my family knows what I want for Christmas.

I can’t think of anything else I want. Which is weird because I know I always want a lot of things when I go shopping.

Maybe something running related? My mom got me a garmin last year and some really nice running tights.

I should go for a run today. It’s so pretty out.

Where’s my garmin? Does it need to be charged?

Oh, it’s over on the shelf under the coffee table. Turn it on, so it can go through the locating satellites process.

Sit on the couch. Oops, it still smells vaguely like that cleaning solution we used on it last week. I should spritz it with water to see if that helps.

Back to the kitchen to get the spray bottle. Oh, the washer isn’t started. Walk into the bathroom to get clothes from the hamper to start a load.

Did I brush my teeth today? I can’t remember. I’ll just do it in case I didn’t already.

Holy crap, how is it almost 11 am? Why don’t I ever get anything done on Saturdays? This is ridiculous. I’m going to write this down.


One thought on “Saturday morning

  1. I totally do this too! Sometimes I have to intentionally leave something I happened to see as I walked by or I know that I will end up in this cycle of starting and never finishing things. I even do it at work, until my head is spinning so fast I can’t think straight.


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