Oh, email

Something that’s become part of my Sunday night routine is triaging my company’s customer service inbox. We generally have a few hundred emails from over the weekend. Many are out-of-office messages or others that can just be deleted. I sort and categorize and try to set my team up for a smoother Monday morning.

I had to pause when I go to this OOO message from Saturday:

Thank you for contacting me, my work week is complete. I will respond as soon as I can on Monday.

This strikes me as such a bold choice. At first I was like, wow that’s awesome! You are clearly defining your working hours and being authentic about what people can expect from you. As someone who has work email on my phone, and as someone who is literally reading this gal’s email in a work related way on a Sunday night, I was struck.

On the other hand, it’s a little in your face, right? Like, most people would probably not expect her to answer anything until Monday. I send emails at off-hours sometimes. I fire off something to my boss while I’m thinking about it late at night or on the weekend; I don’t expect her to take action on it until the next business day.

I still can’t decide if I like this or not, but it got me thinking.


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