Dressing room snaps

Here are my fashion goals for 2013…

Just kidding. It feels like everything is about a wrap up of 2012 or goals for 2013. I have thoughts on both, but it’ll probably be February before I get them online.

But I did some shopping over the past month and wanted to share because dudes, the Gap is all about ridiculously cute dresses lately. Just an FYI. If you like dresses, it might be worth a visit. (I wear dresses probably…80 percent of the time? A little more in the summer, a little less in the winter.)

I am obsessed with this dress. I wore it to three holiday parties, and I  will wear it to work with boots or flats. Plus it’s on sale. It comes in black, but I don’t know why anyone would wear black when they could be wearing bright orange.

IMG 3680Screen Shot 2013 01 02 at 9 02 39 PM

I bought it in navy blue, too.

IMG 3679

This is essentially the same thing at J Crew except instead of being totally adorable it’s too short and too wide and not cute at all.

IMG 3676

I also ended up with this Gap sweater dress because it is the only sweater dress, maybe in the whole world, that didn’t cling in weird places and was super flattering. Also because it has zippers on the shoulders and I am a sucker for decorative shoulder fasteners. Buttons, zippers, even velcro.
IMG 3677Screen Shot 2013 01 02 at 9 07 10 PM

I keep putting this stripy dress into my cart online and then not buying it because I want it to go on sale. I tried it on and it was super cute but not $65 cute.

Screen Shot 2013 01 02 at 9 32 35 PM

This dress from Banana Republic was a contender, but it was kind of too dressy to wear every day.

IMG 3675Screen Shot 2013 01 02 at 9 12 47 PM

Two more random thoughts on fashion, er, clothes, speaking as a total civilian:

One, every time I see peplum (a peplum? peplums?) I can only think of Judy Jetson and my mom’s clothes from the 80s.

Two, can we please stop ruining perfectly adorable tops and dresses with exposed zippers? Ugh.

IMG 3818


2 thoughts on “Dressing room snaps

  1. Cute dresses! They look great on you. I’m definitely more of a pants person, though I do like a dress occasionally. I also really like the exposed zipper look. It’s funny that you like them on shoulders, but not down the back. 😉

    • That’s funny, I totally didn’t make that connection. I just think exposed zippers on the backs of dresses and tops look cheap and unfinished, whereas I suppose zippers on shoulders look intentional and decorative.


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