2013: Resolutions are dumb, goals are awesome

In these early weeks of January, there are as many different resolutions out there as there are people who’ve dreamed them up. Those tasks are always in the eye of the creator, however. It seems we never outsource inspiration for these intentions; we never ask those around us what we should do more, less, bigger, better. We embark on these crusades in a vacuum.

While I was really tempted by Zoë‘s suggestion to ask other people what they thought I should try to improve about myself in 2013, and really almost asked close family and friends for opinions, I chickened ut and came up with these instead.

Decorate our downstairs. Our basement is finished, and it’s half my closet, half workout room, half media room, and now it has a bathroom. We spend a good amount of time down there, but there is not a speck of decoration. I’d like to paint the walls, but being realistic I’d be happy with some throw pillows, a few decorative knock knacks, and some framed photos or art on the walls.

Stay on track with our emergency fund. We’re about halfway to having three months of living expenses saved up, and if we don’t have anything expensive come up, we should be there by the end of 2013.

Financial confession: since we refinanced our mortgage last month, we got to basically skip January’s mortgage payment, plus I have some Christmas money burning a hole in my pocket, and I have been a spending fool this month. Nails done, we’ve gone out to eat six times already this month, and a ton of stuff fell into my cart at Target this weekend. I’m not too worried about it since I’ve been sticking to the budget pretty well for the past few months but sheesh.

Get back into swimming. I sort of have my eye on a 2.4 mile swim in September, but even if that doesn’t happen, I want to start swimming again. I haven’t been in the water since my last triathlon in September, but it’s my favorite form of exercise, and I want to make time for it. I may look into taking more lessons or Masters classes, we’ll see.

Spend less time working. Don’t worry, I already discussed this one with my boss. In the last half of 2012 I started letting work sneak into too many evenings and weekends. It’s fine if the occasional urgent project comes up, but I’m not going to spend my Sunday nights doing anything that can wait until Monday or Tuesday. The catch phrase for our team is #worksmart.

Dust off the old brunch blog. There was an amazing blog about all the different champagne brunches in San Diego, and Chris and I thought we could recreate that directory for Denver, but so far the project has been pretty neglected. I’d like to get at least ten new entries this year.

Unplug before bed. I have been getting sucked into my iPad before bed and staying up later than I mean to. I think switching to a book or my kindle before bed will make me happier and more well rested. I’m typing this in bed at 10 pm, though, so we’ll see how that goes.

Get involved with the Denver Public Library Friends Foundation. I have attended a handful of Friends Foundation events and we go to the Booklovers Ball every year, but this year I want to be a more involved volunteer. I’m having lunch with a contact there this month about getting involved in event planning, and Chris and I are volunteering at an event next month. I volunteered at the Winter Used Book Sale, and it was a lot of fun. As my Minds Matter commitment is winding down (only four more months), I’m ready to move onto a new project.

Volunteer at a race. I committed to taking a year off of signing up for races, but I’d really like to volunteer at one in some capacity. Probably at a triathlon, I’m thinking maybe at the Harvest Moon 70.3 since that was my toughest race last year and all the volunteers were so super great they made me cry.

Take a mini vacation. I get three extra days of vacation this year thanks to a change in our benefits, and I want to go be a tourist in D.C. or go the balloon festival in New Mexico or go be pretentious in Portland or something.

Buy clothes I love. I’ve been pretty stingy with my clothes budget lately, but buying new clothes I love makes me really happy. I want to add a few more dresses and some bright, flowy skirts to my wardrobe. Who says resolutions (or goals) have to be things you don’t really want to do?






3 thoughts on “2013: Resolutions are dumb, goals are awesome

  1. Zoe is so smart. Such a good point. I think if I asked my husband though I’d get a quick, emphatic “complain less!” request. He doesn’t seem to realize that bitching is my second language.

    You know if you learned to sew you could make your own flowy skirts!

    • Eeenteresting. You have a point, and I do have a sewing machine.

      If I asked Chris he’s probably say I need to clean up after myself and spend less time hitting snooze. But I don’t really have any interest in either.

  2. Great goals – I started unplugging before bed (really, I pay less attention to my phone/computer when I come home from work) and it’s made a huge difference for me. I have time to read, talk with Alex, clean up my room a bit. Also, buying clothes I love is one of my life goals too. I never buy things I LOVE – just like – and then I regret it later. Wasted money!!


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