With everything going on in the world (and I don’t mean just in the past weeks), it may seem a little silly to mourn the loss of a favorite restaurant, but I am utterly dismayed to learn that Strings on 17th will be closing its doors next week after 27 years in business. It’s my favorite brunch spot, Chris and I both celebrated our 30th birthdays there, and it’s such a gem in the neighborhood. I just really, really loved this place.

I enjoyed their farewell email enough that I wanted to share it:

Our Thanks

To our customers:

You are our heart.
We deeply love you.
Thank you for so many
wonderful years.


To our staff:

You have been the pulse.
Such gratitude for anyone who
has ever cleared a table, carried a tray,
dished up some Bagutta, poured a drink and
welcomed a guest.
Without you, nothing would
have been possible.


To our city:

Thank you for giving us a home.
You supported us like no other. We
will live on as a household name in
memory only. But it was you
that made it all possible.


To our state:

We apologize that Governors will
have to find a new place to eat.


To our country:

As Noel used to say, “this is
the greatest country in the world.
So true. You gave an Irish immigrant
the chance to be King of the World.
We are forever in debt.


To our world:

We hope you think we left
this place better than we found it.


To our universe:

Thanks for letting us make a dent.