All I did this weekend was sit on patios (Sorry I’m not sorry)

It is legit nice out. We’re about to roll into the too hot part of the year, but we’re not there yet.

Friday night Chris and I walked home and then down to Las Margaritas for dinner on the patio. (Our server was delightful and the most concerned about making sure we had a vegetarian meal than probably anyone ever has been.)

Saturday morning I ran in Cheesman with some ladyfriends. (I was quite worried I wouldn’t be able to keep up with them, but I did and could even talk while running. Amazing.) Then met a friend for yoga, and after class we enjoyed a beer on the patio at Paris on the Platte. (We slathered up with sunscreen while sitting there. That’s Colorado for you.)

Saturday night we met some folks for happy hour on the patio at Amerigo. (Guys, this is the best restaurant in Denver. I really think there’s going to be a three month wait for a reservation by the end of the summer.)

Sunday morning Chris and I went to brunch at Solera, probably actually the most beautiful and delightful and charismatic patio in all of Denver. (And the brunch menu had a section under Drinks that was labeled “mornng wine.” And listed the same wines they serve for dinner. This tickled me greatly.)

And right now I’m sitting the backyard, having fallen down a hole reading reddit. (I’m a fairly new redditor and am a little obsessed.)

I’m kind of over it. I’m going to wrap myself in a duvet and hang out in the basement.


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