Ignite Denver 15

I submitted to speak at ignite again! Voting is here.

As with the last time, I’m feeling a little torn. If I get picked to speak, then yay! I get to share my passion for being a lady cyclist commuter with hundreds of people onstage at the Paramount. But then again, if I don’t get picked, then I don’t have to stress about it for the next few weeks, figure out what to say, worry about being funny, or pick an outfit.

So win-win, either way.

Dear Future Mel

One thing I’d really like to do is to make time to jot down some notes here and there about what’s going on in my life. In the moment, the days rarely feel like they’re worth documenting, but when I go back and re-read my own blog posts or journal entries or what have you, I take such delight in remembering how my bike wheels turned colors when I rode over a lot of sidewalk chalk or the conversation I had with a stranger at the dog park about a documentary we’d both seen.

I struggle with how much to share online, and work life is always a conundrum. It’s a huge part of my life. I work hard, and I work a lot. But since I work for a small company (and since I have a unique last name…) and since the internet is written in ink, I generally shy away from sharing anything work related at all.

But about two months ago my company went through what we’re calling a “reorganization.” And as part of the reorganization, I went from being a manager on our Customer Experience team (our reactive customer service and our proactive outreach to increase utilization of our software, a team of roughly 12 folks) to being the Director of (and only member of) our Empowerment team. Meaning I am responsible for creating and maintaining our epic company culture (a huge responsibility), meaning I now report directly to our CEO (who I obviously knew but had not worked with directly) and it means that recruiting and “HR” (benefits, on boarding new employees and exiting people when they leave, stuff like that) is on my plate.

And it’s been so great. It’s been the best kind of challenging. I have learned a ton, and had just enough moments where I thought I might drown to make the times when I figure something out really satisfying. I have always been lucky to work for companies I liked and have jobs I was passionate about, but it’s like that honeymoon phase when you start a new job without actually having to start all the way over.

So, Future Mel. When you’ve been in this role a few years and you’re feeling a little…less excited. I hope you will remember how pumped Past Mel was for this opportunity.