car2go card finally came!

The other night I took a slightly different route home from work. I was in familiar territory, but it was nice to mix up my routine.

Since I walk to work from time to time, I walk my dog, and I run in my neighborhood, it feels like I’ve been up and down all the streets near me a zillion times, and like I’ve done hundreds of laps of City Park and Cheesman Park.

Chris and I wanted to take a long walk today, and I wanted some new scenery. I also just got my car2go membership card in the week, so we grabbed a car2go and drove it down to Wash Park. We did a loop around the park and then walked home. I had estimated our walk was going to end up around five miles but we ended up going over seven.

I’m in love with the car2go model. The ability to make one way trips makes it so much better than other car share options. We’ve been a one car household for almost four years, so I’ve looked at some other ones I keep thinking of the different ways I want to use it…

  • Driving myself home if it happens to be raining when I want to leave.
  • Driving somewhere we know we’ll be enjoying some cocktails and then taking a cab home.
  • Being able to loan my own car to family or friends who are visiting and then using car2go for myself.
  • Driving myself a few miles away from my house and then running home.
  • I plan to take the car with me on my runs, actually, in case something happens. I tripped and ate it pretty hard a few months ago. Luckily I only had to walk about a half mile home, but it would have been a bummer if I were further away.
  • Lugging beer and food to City Park Jazz, and then walking home with the empties.
  • Driving myself home from the gym after swimming in the winter. Wet hair when it’s 15° makes even a short ride or walk home uncomfortable.

Anyways. I’m happy to have another transportation tool in my belt. I’ve got my car, my bike, my bus pass, my feet, my uber app, and my car2go card. (Even if it took two weeks to sign up for membership.)


In other news, I recommitted to running on a regular basis for the third or fourth time this year, and lookit! I ran four times this week. I’m tired.


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