Not being able to transfer race entries

Folks. Do you know what’s total bull? Not being able to transfer or get a refund for a race entry fee.

Put restrictions on it. Charge a fee, keep a portion of what I paid. But no refunds and no transfers is really annoying for something you’re signing up for months in advance.

I signed up for the Denver Rock and Roll half a few months ago, turns out we’re going to have a conflict, I’m just out $80. The race organizers could make another $25 off of me by allowing me to pay a fee to transfer my bib, meaning they’d make $105 for one entry instead of just $80. 

I’m looking at the Colorado half in May. I was contemplating signing up now because I know it will sell out, but with a no refund and no transfer policy, I’m not willing to bet $90 that I won’t have something come up eight months from now.

That’s dumb you guys. And probably puts you at high risk for people charging back/disputing their credit card charges. (I’m an electronic payments geek.)

I know we don’t want to create a marketplace for scalpers of race entries, so make it expensive and make it inconvenient, but don’t make it impossible. 



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