There are times when it’s important to be precise and splitting the check is not one of them

A conversation that happened last night at Row 14 wine bar after the server brings the check to our table of four, Chris, me, my friend, and her husband:

Me: Let’s just split it.

My friend: No, we ordered more than you two did.

Me: Well, let’s split it and you can leave the whole tip.

My friend: I still don’t think that’s even…

Me: Well, the alternative is we have to do math. Is that what you want to do on Friday night at almost midnight?

We split the check. They left the whole tip and agreed my friend would buy coffee the next time we went. 

I actually love math, but it doesn’t have a place at the dinner table. You have to trust that in the grand scheme of things, if you always just agree to split the check evenly, things will sometimes work out in your favor and sometimes not. And that $5-$10 is a fair price to pay to not waste time counting glasses of wine.


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