I have time to walk

So I think I ended up drinking more at brunch this morning than I drank last night on New Year’s Eve. Not sure if that goes in the win column or not. I felt like I should have been more hungover to be eating a greasy breakfast with bottomless mimosas at The Lobby, and yet, somehow, I still managed to enjoy myself. 

The weather cackled at me this morning as it snowed big fat wet flakes during my run, which only lasted 20 minutes since by then I was soaked and freezing. (I gave myself points for heading out in the snow and for being kind to myself and not pushing past the point it stopped being fun.) After showering, changing, and emerging for brunch, though? Sunny. Beautiful. Le sigh.

I’m sitting here in my leggings waiting for it to be time to leave for a 4:30 yoga class. I have to walk since our poor old Goldie Honda has a dead battery. We’ve had to jump her twice this week and now we’re not going to drive again until we get the new one put in. I should walk anyways since it’s only a mile, but I had planned to drive just to save time.

But save time for what today? All that’s on the schedule today was exercise, brunch, a long nap, and dinner with friends later. So, I have time to walk.



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