Om or something

Last night, at the beginning of a yoga class, I made a new friend. And at the end of class, I ended up accepting a ride home from a practical stranger.

Sorry, Mom.

It was snowing, and I had walked, and it was slippery out on the sidewalks.

On our way to my house, I said something like, “This is great because it’s giving me a chance to say ‘Yes,’ and that’s been a goal and a mantra of mine for the last few months. Because it’s really easy to say ‘No, I’m good, I got it!’ and harder to say, ‘Yes, thanks so much for offering.'”

And then she said something like “Yeah, it really is hard! But when you turn down an offer of help from someone else, you’re denying that person the chance to give.”

And it was this really nice moment. And it resonated with me because I know one of my favorite feelings is to feel helpful. 

So. Thanks, Sadie! See you in class. Namaste, y’all.


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