Stop it, dorky white people

I want there to be some insightful essay I can point to that articulates more clearly than I can why dorky white people doing rap parody videos is extremely overdone and kinda racist. I mean, I can cover the overdone part…

  • Hart of Dixie I’m tiny and adorable and I play a doctor on tv and I’m rapping! Haha!
  • Tea Partay We’re from Cape Cod and we’re rapping! Hilarious!
  • Swagger Wagon We drive a minivan! And we’re rapping! (And have multiple, completely necessary copies.)
  • Christmas Jammies – We’re wearing jammies and rapping! (And this less obnoxious copy. It’s really the ducks faces and throwing “signs” that irritate me.)

Anyways. I thought surely somewhere on Jezebel there would be a wonderful slaying of this genre but no luck. If someone could throw in why it’s offensive kind of for the same reasons I think men dressing as women for comedy is offensive, I’d love it! I know it has something to do with the fact that the reverse scenario isn’t as funny. Something about modern blackface and surely something to do with paradigms…

Thanks in advance.


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