The thing is, no one else really cares if you hit your goals

There seems to be this notion that posting your goals on the internet “keeps you accountable.” And maybe it does if you have some modicum of fame, internet or otherwise, but even then most of the time…nope.  The thing is, no1curr.

Stop and think, can you come up with someone else’s goals for 2013 that you remember seeing on Facebook or a blog or elsewhere? (Doesn’t count if you remember because you saw an update within the past few days.) Have you ever “held someone accountable” for saying he planned to do something and then didn’t?

I have received not one pointed comment about the fact that I did not swim once in 2013 nor has anyone asked me how our 2013 savings goal went (great, by the way).

It just seems strange to me that so many keep repeating this falsehood, “I’m posting this online so you all will hold me accountable!”

I care enough to hear about it if you’d like to talk about it, but I follow 200+ people on twitter, have 100+ feeds in my reader. I don’t have the time or inclination to be the Internet Goal Police, and neither do you. I don’t notice if you stop posting about something (or about anything). It’s not our job to hold you accountable; you can’t crowdsource your motivation.



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