Nah, I’mma Stay (Home)

This rant prompted by a girl in my yoga class last night who complained about it being crowded. Shut it, pink tank top!

(While I am mostly an internet curmudgeon, I’m fairly positive in real life. I smile a lot. I am genuinely impressed by the accomplishments of my friends. I am encouraging. Just putting that out there.)

I’m just wondering if we might all agree that every meta-opinion expressing some variety of dissatisfaction about new year’s resolutions has been expressed and we can move on to new topics since no one in the world has anything new to say about this. I’m tired of resolutioners crowding my fitness of choice. I’m tired of hearing people complain about resolutioners. And I’m tired of hearing people complain about people who complain about resolutioners. I’m tired of myself being annoyed about this.

2 thoughts on “Nah, I’mma Stay (Home)

  1. same vein – i’m tired of people who blog/tweet about needing for ‘everyone to stop comparing themselves (i mean, OURselves) to other people and just focus on what’s great about you!’ i mean…doesn’t the fact that women still talk about needing to stop talking about it mean we’ll always keep talking about it?!

    • Yes! And also same vein-ish…when you go on about how much you love your body, it makes me think you’re self-conscious about it. Like, if you were really that confident in yourself, you wouldn’t need to talk about it.

      I don’t spend a lot of time thinking about the state of my ass, so I never feel compelled to make sure other people know I don’t spend time thinking about it.

      I could fill pages with what I wish people would shut up about. #grump


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