Trophy Wife

A few days ago Chris and I were out of shows to watch. We watch a handful of shows on hulu, but since it’s January, we’re caught up on almost everything and there weren’t any new episodes of anything. Rather than, say, finding something else to do, I suggested we watch the pilot of Trophy Wife. Hulu automatically starts shows for you when one finishes, so we’d seen like 30 seconds of it and I thought it looked funny, plus I love Bradley Whitford and would watch him in about anything.

The pilot was good. A lot of the jokes were spoiled in a commercial for the show, but it had several solid laughs, enough for us to start a second episode before bed. The second episode? I was crying laughing. Honestly, we kept having to pause it because we were cracking up.

If you decide to watch the pilot, you can also have fun just trying to spot the main character’s baby bump; it was shot when she was five months pregnant.


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