Big picture

Today I was thinking a lot about what I want in a big picture sense and what I want, I suppose, in the smaller picture.

For example.

I ended up at a fundraiser luncheon for an organization that provides scholarships for low income families to send their kids to private schools (elementary through high school). It’s essentially privately funded school vouchers.

And, well, you can’t watch a video about tearful single mothers who can’t afford to live in neighborhoods with good schools and bright eyed kids who say they feel loved and supported at their private schools without thinking yeah, okay, that’s a good thing.

But of course I think all that money could be best spent at public schools. As a speaker lamented the state of public schools in Colorado, my friend nudged me and whispered, “That’s why we all need to vote for Bernie.”

So in the big picture sense, this charity isn’t something I’d be on board with. But zoom in, and all of the individual success stories are still, well, successful.

By the way, Missy Franklin was the keynote speaker. (You know, the Olympic swimmer.) She went to a private Catholic high school in Colorado but I’ll point out she opted for the number one public university in the world when it came to college. (Though to be fair you’re allowed to go to any college you want, they don’t make you go to the one closest to your house. But I digress.)


I’m reminded, as we inch closer to a presidential election, as more and more soundbites make headlines, that things are complicated, especially when you assume good intentions, that no one is out to get anyone, but that both sides have a sincere and earnest desire to do good. It’s easy to paint the other side as the bad guy. It’s harder, and less provocative, to say that we’re both the good guys with different ideas for how to best achieve shared goals.


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