2012 Goals – How did we do?

Here is my post about 2012 goals, in its entirety:

Subject: Resolutions are Dumb. Goals Are Awesome!

So far on my plate for 2012:

  • Read 25 books
  • Plan an awesome vacation for our ten year anniversary
  • Run the half marathon I just signed up for in the spring (my first!)
  • Race the same Olympic triathlon I crashed and burned at in 2011, except this time not have my race go off the rails
  • Turn 30
  • Complete a 70.3 triathlon in the fall (Boulder or Harvest Moon? I can’t decide!)
  • Add a second bathroom to our house

The only thing that’s more of a I’m-going-to-TRY-to-make-that-happen-but-it-probably-won’t is a “resolution” I’ve made a few times: to blog more. I love going back and reading my almost daily posts from livejournal when I was in college. I’d love to just jot more things down for my own memories down the road.

  • Books – Yeah, let’s just start with the saddest news. A very sad thirteen books. I started the year strong, but the second half of 2012 I felt very short on free time and when I had downtime I wanted brain candy in the form of a bubble bath, a glass of wine, and a silly tv show. Definitely room for improvement next year.From left to right, top to bottom:
    Liked, loved, hated, LOVED, loathed
    LOVED, liked, didn’t love, loved, liked a lot until the end
    Hated, loved, liked a lotScreen Shot 2012 12 30 at 3 28 11 PM
  • Vacation – Check. Debating a repeat this February for our 11th anniversary. The snow on the ground is making a warm beach sound so lovely.
  • Half marathon – check.
  • Olympic triathlon – check.
  • Turn 30 – check. (It’s satisfying to hit a milestone birthday and feel like your life is where you’d like it to be.)
  • 70.3 – check.
  • Second bathroom – check.
  • Blog more – mostly check. Checkish.

Also in 2012…

Commuted by bicycle all last winter. I fell off my bike twice, but I was happy and proud I did it.

Refinanced our mortgage, which will save us money in the short run and help us pay it off faster in the long run.

Let’s just say something vague about professional success. Last year I was taking on a lot of new responsibilities and kind of struggling with juggling them, but this year I felt more like I hit my stride.

Migrated my blog from tumblr to WordPress.

Spent a lot of time crying about Aurora, Newtown, and the shooting of a police officer at an event where I was volunteering.

Struggled with balancing work, trying to train, and having some semblance of a social life.

Saw a lot of awesome music (a lot for me, who doesn’t really love live music):

Tyler Lyle
John Heart Jackie
Daniel Ate The Sandwich
Avett Brothers
Devotchka (times two)
The Colorado Symphony
Jason Mraz
The Lumineers (times two)
Paper Bird
Shovels and Rope
Jason Mraz
Christina Perri
Alanis Morissette

Sang “Rolling on the River” with Hazel Miller

Worked with my mentee at Minds Matter to apply for college. They grow up so fast.

Wore the same pare of gold glitter flats, like, seriously almost every day this summer.

Tried out toastmasters.

Did my annual LALA (Ladies at Little America) trip.

Had a fun power’s-out-party with our neighbors.

Saw Temple Grandin speak and had her sign my book.

Tried acupuncture.

Got really into yoga. Somehow I went from a yoga-hater last summer to a borderline evangelist.

Had a quasi-roommate for the first six months of the year.
So! Some ups and downs, but I’m really proud of myself for completing my goals. Still working on some for 2013.

The Hills

Riding your bike up hills is more fun when you sing about it. This stretch took two hours, but it really did fly by.

Can you pay my HILLS, can’t pay my telephone HILLS, can’t pay my automo HILLS then baby maybe we can chill…


My baby don’t mess around when she’s biking HILLS because she’s biking HILLS


Sheep go to heaven, goats climb up HILLS


Party climbing up these HILLS tonight, everybody just have a good time

Chris is not going to get to do my 70.3 with me. He has a back injury that has recently become aggravated, and running is just not okay. He has kindly been “crewing” me. Picking me up late from the gym, having dinner ready for me (or a glass of champagne), washing the bag of tupperware I dump on the kitchen counter at the end of the day.

And, most kind, riding along at my pace to keep me company on bike rides. And contributing his fair share of hill-y lyrics.

Oh, and carrying the beer back from the store, of course.

70.3 Training – Scoping out the bike course

So, I haven’t really posted a lot about this, but I am definitely in the thick of training for my 70.3 in September. (If you like reading about the details of other people’s workouts (I do) I post all of mine on dailymile.) It kind of feels like I live at my gym.

Saturday morning we drove out to ride part of the race’s bike course.This was my first time driving on E470 and I really wish someone had videoed Chris and I trying to figure out how the tolls work, because there are little toll booth like things with big signs that say DO NOT STOP, and the lanes are just labeled “Express Pay” and “License Plate Toll.” Totally not helpful. We’re like, So…will we pay these when we register our car next year? Surely they won’t mail us a bill for $1.25, right? I missed the exit…how do you turn around on a toll road? I DON’T KNOW! As a household of bicycle commuters, sometimes we get really mixed up when it comes to cars.

Back to the purpose for our visit, though. I have read about the crazy hills at the beginning and end of this course and I wanted to see what I was dealing with.

Expectations adjusted accordingly. I only rode 14 miles but it took over an hour since I was in my granny gear going up and clutching the breaks for dear life going down. You can kind of see the hills in the back of this photo of me, but yowsers.

This is what I rode yesterday:

This is the profile for the whole course:

For such a flat city, they sure do know how to find hills for races.

The road itself here is a much smoother ride, but to stay out of traffic we were riding mostly on the shoulder with all it’s bumps and debris. I assume I will be able to spend more time in the road during the race, and I hope that will make me feel less like I’m about to fly off my bike and into the air at any moment on the downhills.

The uphills felt okay. I forgot my cycling gloves, and my hands and wrists were killing me, otherwise we’d have ridden further.

I have nine weeks left until the race, and I hope to make it out to this course several more times and ride the entire thing at least twice. I’m starting to get excited. For the race, to get my life back, and for the bragging rights.

Weekend Update

This past weekend was gloriously unscheduled. I have had it staked out on the calendar for months for my annual Ladies at Little America weekend. LALA!

The Little America Hotel is a magical hotel resort in Cheyenne, Wyoming. It’s so close. It’s so cute. It’s so fun. And it’s so cheap. I never know how to really give a good sense of the place. On the one hand, it’s the nicest hotel in town. On the other hand, that town in Cheyenne, Wyoming. The lobby is all fresh cucumber water and plush couches and a gigantic marble fireplace. But the rooms have toile bedspreads and gilded mirrors and lots of white wicker. It’s like as nice and fancy as a hotel staffed by Cheyenne teenagers on summer break can be. The ice cream cones are 59 cents, and the gift shop sells things like black denim jackets with rhinestone designs. There is a real stuffed penguin at the entrance. It’s ridiculous(ly awesome).

I am not great at remembering to take photos, but I found these in my phone:

  • swimsuits, sunscreen and magazines (I only wore one, but I like to have options)
  • a silly amount of “roadtrip snacks” (for three people…for a 90 minute trip…)
  • the pool
  • some old ladies toasting with white wine


The weather was awesome on Saturday, but Sunday morning it was chilly so we packed it up early. I got home by 12:30 and had enough time to go for my first real brick of 70.3 training: a two hour bike bide followed by a 30 minute run. I had planned to do a spin bike-treadmill workout at the gym, but since it was cooler I took it to the streets. Or, I took it to the bike path at least. It was hard but doable and made me feel like maybe I won’t totally crash and burn in September.

I really thought I was going to rally and go to City Park Jazz Sunday night but drinking beer and listening to music in my house is almost the same thing, right?