Good Day Alabama

We are in Alabama visiting family, and I am sitting in the living room and the TV is on, showing the local news.

I love local news in general for its comedic value and overblown headlines, “What you don’t know about your lawn mower MIGHT surprise you!” But Good Day Alabama is killing me right now. It looks like the station is being run by enthusiastic high school students.

The lady anchor has her glasses, a wad of tissues, her phone, and a few other random things on the table in front of her.

The man anchor just “reported” something about the Mars rover by beginning his sentence “According to a report by NPR…” (Shouldn’t that be…according the NASA?)

Their field reporters, out chatting with people on Black Friday, all seem to just be wearing their own jackets and hoodies. The video looks like maybe it’s being shot on a camera phone based on how wobbly and somewhat blurry it is.

A maybe 14 year old girl just “interviewed” someone about a hospital gift drive.

I’m not making this up: Coming up: One turkey was spared yesterday!Find out who after the break.

And then, what you need to know about inflatable bouncy houses to protect your family! And, we put cell phone radiation shields to the test.

Two field reporters are in the RV park across from University Mall. A brief segment on how a woman baked chocolate chip cookies in her RV followed by a woman plugging her church and her son in law’s RV rental business. Then two women who are shopping for shoes. The women shopping for shoes were interviewed by a guy named “Jeh Jeh” who was wearing a hoodie that says Washington DC (with the hood UP).

Two Alabama fans, “We’ll talk to Auburn fans. To tell ’em we’re gonna beat ’em.”

I just watched a car dealership where two people pretended to shoot at a man dressed as a turkey with semi automatic rifles. (I searched for the video online but all I could find were some photos from the “shoot.”)

Turkey shoot at Classic Suzuki

And now we’re on to a cooking segment about what to do with Thanksgiving leftovers.

I just…bless their hearts. Bless ’em so hard.