iPad mini!

I am an unabashed Apple fangirl. I bought an iBook in 2005 and have been an obsessed groupie ever since. I read MacRumors.com every day, and I just did a mental inventory and I think we have owned every iPod model except the Touch and every iPhone model except the 5. I’m typing this on my MacBook Air, Chris works on a MacBook, and our “tv” is an old iMac. (All backed up on a 500 GB TIme Capsule, of course.)

(I was perusing Chris’s old instagrams last week and found this photo. I was like damn I loved that phone. The first gens were amazing and frigging sturdy.)

IMG 0004

Anyways. I patiently followed rumors for the iPad mini all year and had basically decided even before they were officially announced that I would be getting one. I hadn’t been able to justify a full sized iPad because my computer is so portable already (the 11″ MacBook Air). But Chris got a Nexus 7 in August and I’ve been eyeing it jealously.

So I woke up at 1 in the morning to preorder mine when they went on sale. I’ve always wanted to line up with other geeks for a new product, but it’s been a little too busy at work for me to come in late just for a shopping trip. On Friday I hit refresh about 90,000 times on my FedEx tracking, and finally it arrived.

IMG 0003

I love it. It’s already indispensable after only having it for two days. The mint.com iPad app is so friggin snazzy. I feel like a finance genius wizard from the future when I use it.

I’m still getting used to how it fits in my hand. I can hold it in one hand and navigate with the other, holding in both hands in portrait mode seems to work the best. Both hands in landscape is a little awkward because my thumbs can’t reach the center of the screen. I can hold in one hand and scroll with my thumb if I’m just reading (not navigating or typing).

Wish list:

  • Apple, could you put more controls along the bottom where my thumbs are? Like in safari to hit Back or open a new tab, I have to reach up to the top of the screen when I want it to be down where I’m already holding on.
  • I can type pretty well with my thumbs in portrait but in landscape it’s a stretch. I wish they’d do a split keyboard kind of thing. Just kidding. There is a split keyboard. Very cool.
  • The screen is so reflecty and fingerprinty. I think I’m the only one who prefers a matte screen.
  • An easier way to increase the font size on a website. All the text in google reader looks so tiny I’m having a little bit of a hard time.
  • The screen does look pixelated in some apps. Sometimes it’s fine, sometimes text looks a little fuzzy. Not a deal breaker for me.
  • I wish it had a rocker button for volume instead of two separate buttons because I keep finding myself using the wrong one.

But I love…

  • The I-know-that’s-your-thumb-on-the-screen function, so it doesn’t count that as input.
  • I finally have my gmail inbox under control because the gmail app is so lovely.
  • It’s small enough to hang out on my desk and tuck in my coat pocket.
  • Viewing pictures and video on the bigger screen.
  • Getting iMessages on it when I don’t have my phone in front of me.
  • Holy cow, flipbook.
  • The thing is so delightfully small and thin. I’ve grabbed it in the morning before I get out of bed, played with it at the dog park, plugged in my headphones and played music while I was grocery shopping. I can’t imagine doing that with the bigger iPad, and definitely not my laptop.

Basically, swoon.

Odds and ends

Chris and I went to REI last Sunday and he spent like 30 minutes trying on cycling jackets, looking for one to replace his current jacket, which is looking a bit tattered. He’s a tall guy on the skinny side, so we were both surprised when he kept having to size up to a large or even extra large. And I was really impressed that the jackets came in the usual neon yellow but also pretty peacock blue and…we were in the women’s section. Which explained why all the jackets seemed just a little tight in the shoulders and short in the sleeves.

IMG 3453

We have one of those things that lets you make your own sparkling water. Or sparkling anything, really. I love sparkling water, so Chris has been carbonating water and sending it to work with me in these glass bottles. I did not know they were beer bottles and I got some funny looks at work.

IMG 3459

Our ‘Yes on 2a’ sign finally arrived! If you live in Denver you should vote yes on 2a if you like things like libraries and police officers. This is a pretty uncontroversial measure. Regardless of your opinions on the role of government in our lives, we all agree that libraries and police and roads are essential functions, and 2a allows us to have more of all that good stuff without raising taxes. Magic!IMG 3468

We are dog sitting two dogs this weekend, bringing our household total to three. Sadly I spent all day yesterday in bed fighting some kind of fever-y evil sickness. Dogs barking and wanting to play were not what the doctor ordered. (Chris was at work.) I felt much better today, so first thing we took them to the park for a good long romp.

IMG 3484

I was rather short sighted when I bought my MacBook Air two years ago and only sprang for the 32 gig hard drive. I have struggled with storage space ever since, and I finally decided to move most of my music and photos over to the iMac to free up space. It was pretty easy to copy it all onto an external hard drive and then from the drive into the iMac.

As a bonus, as the photos loaded into iPhoto, I got to see a rapid fire slideshow of that last five years or so of my life. It was fun to see really random photos I haven’t thought about in a long time. And not just…oh, that wedding! But also…oh man that really good breakfast I took a picture of with my phone. Or those suspenders I texted a photo of to a friend.

IMG 3506

Now I have a touch of the Sunday Night Blues. I definitely don’t live my life counting down to the weekend, but I always find myself lacking time on Sunday night and feeling a little stressed out. Like, I want to finish laundry, triage my work email, take the dogs for a walk, pick out clothes for tomorrow, make lunches for the week, fill out my mail in ballot, and go to bed in about three hours.