I’m still putting my house back together after Christmas. I mean, I took down the stuff from outside so my neighbors wouldn’t start rolling their eyes. But I’ve been slowly taking the inside decorations down and they’ve been living in piles and in boxes (and in piles of boxes) here and there.

I had a revelation when I started to put the boxes back into our little storage room. (It’s also where the furnace and hot water heater live…I suppose it’s our equivalent to a basement.)

We always put the Christmas stuff in the back. Since we only use it once a year. But looking around today, I took stock of everything else: boxes of old photos, an over-the-bed-net thing I got as a gift years ago, the box and all the styrofoam packing my iMac came in, tennis rackets from that summer I was going to take lessons.

We use all that stuff once a never, so it’s time for Christmas to move up in the world, and for old college snapshots to move to the back of the bus.

(PS I am so glad facebook only got popular as I was finishing up my college years. All the photos of me being foolish and embarrassing myself are on glossy paper and in a box behind my Christmas decorations, the way god intended.)