Weekend Update

I feel like such a lame-o lately on Mondays.  Because everybody’s all like, “What did you do this weekend?”  And I’m all like, Think of something cool, think of something awesome you did. But pretty much every Monday I say, “I swam. And biked.  And ran.  What about you?”

I have been in training mode since January.  Because I had a lot of ground to cover to get from occasional workout DVD-er to triathlete.  So while I have enjoyed long rides on the Platte and swam miles in beautiful Bowles Reservoir, I’m also kind of just ready to be done.  The end is in sight!

  • Next weekend: bridal shower in Seattle.
  • The next weekend: Boulder Sunset! My first Olympic.  Ack.
  • The weekend after that: wedding in Minnesota
  • Then one weekend “off,” and finally the sprint in Longmont the next weekend, 9/25.

One more month until my “season” is over.  It started back in April, so I feel like I have put in my time.  I am ready to hibernate.

Oh, right.  I started to write down what I did this weekend.  I actually ran farther than I have ever run, 7 miles, on Saturday.  That was cool.  Then yesterday we swam a mile in the reservoir, biked 10 miles on the Platte, and ran for 30 minutes, also on the Platte.  Less than half the distances for the next race for the bike and run, and I was hot and tired.  Not encouraging.  (Though perhaps I ought not have enjoyed so many free cocktails at Eden Saturday night.)

My favorite part of the weekend was going on a meandering walk in the neighborhood last night.  We rolled around with Harper in the new grass by the old hospital.  Do all dogs love grass this much?  We don’t really have any (we have plants and trees and brick in the yard) and H-Dog goes nuts for it.

Also I made Harper try on glasses.  Because it’s hilarious.