I had to come in to the office today.  I almost just ran here since it’s only about 1.5 miles one way and it’s a fun jog with the dog.  But my belly was feeling a bit off so I drove, not realizing it was a game day and parking downtown would be mega expensive. (The $5 lots go up to like $20 on game days.)

I remembered a coworker saying it was okay to park in the spots behind our building on Saturdays, that they didn’t tow those days.

Yeah, so that was wrong.  They definitely do tow, and my poor Goldie Honda was impounded.  About the same time I realized I had just reached “that time of the month” and it started raining, meaning my walk home will be a soggy one.  (I can’t take the bus since I have my dog with me.)  One of those days.

But! Bright side.  It’s annoying to pay $300, but at least I have it.  I’m happy that this doesn’t mean I can’t buy food or pay my mortgage.  This is annoying but not a crisis.

Plus! Since I’m not driving home, I will definitely be enjoying a beer from the kitchen before I leave.