I am a (salad) genius

I’m not normally one to take a picture of my lunch. Unless it was especially awesome or I made some recipe I’m in love with. But here I go. This is the salad I ate twenty minutes ago. It’s making me feel like a damn genius.

I really love salads, but I have a mental block on making them because for some reason I have in my head that it’s SO MUCH work and ENDLESS chopping and it’s HARD to make them ahead of time because they get gross sitting in the fridge too long.

Until I had the genius idea at the grocery store on Sunday to make no-chop salads. All ingredients that do not need any further attention before they go in the bowl.

Pre-washed greens
Tiny tomatoes
Bean sprouts 
Feta cheese

Voila. Amazing. Delicious. Filling. Easy. 

What else could I use here? Blacks beans, I guess? Chickpeas, corn. Raisins if I was a person who eats food that looks like bugs.

If I was a real blogger this is where I would end with my bolded, italicized question to prompt you to comment.

What are your favorite lunch time shortcuts?

But I’m not. So here’s a cute picture of Alaska instead. I put this polar bear toy on top of her. Because it was funny.