Generic post about going for a run

I dragged these photos into a post and then had to groan at myself a little. Gratuitous self photo? Picture of my shoes? Random shot of the scenery? Oh, well. I suppose we all get to be a little cliché sometimes. (Fun fact: I kept an online journal for almost ten years on livejournal under the user ID ‘cliched.’)

Anyways. What I wanted to say about these photos is this:

Through the magic of the Colorado sun, it is totally warm enough to go for a run in a tank top when it is 39 degrees outside. My hands were a little cold, but seriously it was totally fine. Which is great because this green tank top is my favorite workout shirt and I never want to live anywhere where I have to put it away for a few months at a time.

IMG 0064

The sidewalks are still a mess from the snow from last Wednesday, though. For as long as I’ve lived in Colorado, icy sidewalks have given me rage. Hey, neighbor. If you don’t want to shovel your sidewalk, you can pay someone else to do it for you. Because if you don’t, when everyone else’s icy remnants have been melted by the sun, your little section remains a sucky danger trap.

IMG 0062

Luckily I got some Yaktrax for Christmas! And wow I am in love. I felt so confident running over patches like this (though I admit I kind of missed the built in walk breaks). They were a little loud, but I got used to it pretty quickly. I was worried they would feel strange on my feet or throw off my gait, but they felt awesome. I found myself running on the snow and ice even when there was clear sidewalk available, just because I could.

IMG 0061

Somehow I haven’t gone for a run in six weeks. I did three miles today, and the whole last mile I was kind of dying. I have walked and biked to work, gone to yoga a few times, but nothing really strenuous for the last month. I did the same thing last year, so I guess December is just really my off season.

Work stuff, holiday stuff, family stuff. It’s just a busy month, and I was due for some time off. But in the words of Jed Bartlett, “Break’s over. What’s next?”

City Sidewalks, Icy Sidewalks

I really would like to be a person who runs outside regularly, but beautiful weather combined with icy sidewalks make it hard, and make me mad. When I have to run or walk on sidewalks like this, I compose notes to my neighbors. I try to come up with polite, clever, nice-but-reprimanding ways to encourage them to shovel their sidewalks so that when the snow melts, it doesn’t refreeze into death ice. Because it’s the law, it’s polite, it is good for my safety, it makes you a nice person.

I’ve spent a lot of time considering it.  I commuted on foot for all of the winter of 2009-2010 and didn’t really come up with anything. Might just be easier to call the city and report them.