Blog posts I haven’t written

Oh hi.

I’ve been wondering about you who have time to document your lives on the internet. I miss it. Lately, if I’ve got the time I don’t have energy left. Blah blah so busy.

Things I have mentally started to compose blog posts about:


Why I’m considering not commuting by bicycle this winter after doing so the last two (and bragging about how easy it is).

IMG 3785

Refinancing our mortgage and how so far it’s been pretty simple but I’m afraid it’s going to get somehow complicated and annoying before we close on Tuesday.

IMG 3603



That I tried on a bunch of dresses to find a birthday dress (Oh yeah, I turned 30) and the Gap has so many frigging cute things right now. Also how my hair is getting so long and it’s bringing me such joy I’m kind of embarrassed about how much. Also also, the Gap dressing rooms have a little buzzer so you can call someone to get you a size AND the lights behind the mirror are dimmable in case they are ruining the iPhone camera photos you want to post on the internet.

IMG 3677

Thanksgiving in Alabama and why this gear was required. Check out those forehead wrinkles. (See: 30th birthday.)

IMG 3658


My volunteering with the library. I’m excited to start working with them long term, and if you see me in real life please please ask me about volunteering at the book sale. It’s the funniest happened-to-me story I’ve got.


IMG 3738IMG 3742

That there are legit like 25 packages that have arrived at my house because we’re doing Christmas here and everyone’s shipping their presents. This was taken a week ago; it’s not even half. I have lots of fun ideas for what to do with my family while they’re here, and I hope I’m a good hostess.


IMG 3764


How my holiday party was the funnest. Highlight: Chris spending ten minutes talking to a new coworker about beards, receding hairlines, and body hair. (To be fair, I had my own long convo with a colleague’s wife who has thick eyebrows like mine.) Second highlight: They gave everyone football or basketball jerseys for the team you root for. Since I’m not into sports I got a cycling jersey! Third highlight: dancing until the whole thing was over and then hugging the guys in the band and then pouring myself into an Uber home.

IMG 3783


How much  I cannot stand when people who live in a duplex cannot get their act together to coordinate on holiday decor. Symmetry, people. I know we all know our neighbors less than ever, but you’re borderline roommates. Come on. This looks so tacky.

IMG 3782


Why you need to be using a humidifier.

Why you need to use alba body oil if you live in Colorado.

Why our vet is the best (because he comes to your house).

The super cute things Harper has been doing lately.

How awesome iPhoto is for making Christmas cards.

Pictures of all our cute decorations.

What you all think I should do about my tan lines from doing my 70.3, still visible three months later.