To bet or not to bet

Chris and I have a long-running tradition of competing to see who can go the longest without finding out the winner of the Super Bowl. I think this would be the seventh year, actually.

I don’t like football but I try not to be on a high horse about it. Chris is a bit more openly disdainful of people who spend their weekends watching sports. I don’t think it’s a worthwhile way to spend time and it’s pretty detrimental to the players themselves. But I’d also say watching the Bachelor is a waste of time and also pretty detrimental to the players themselves. So, live and let watch, I say.

But! This year, as you may know, the Denver Broncos are in the Super Bowl. Since we live in Denver, since we live maybe two miles from the stadium where they play, and since if they win there will be a parade that likely goes right past where both of us work, this year is a little different. 

So I can’t decide if this is the ultimate year for the bet, if this is the greatest and most epic challenge we’ll ever get to face? Or if it’s just too hard and we should throw in the towel, watch the game, and cheer for our city with the rest of our neighbors.

The Bet

The annual bet about who-can-go-the-longest-without-finding-out-who-won-the-super-bowl has started. The first 24 hours really require a total media black out and the occasional fingers in your ears, but now we’re in the it-could-come-from-anywhere! phase of the game. I’ve gotten spoiled by an episode of Royal Pains. Chris has gotten spoiled by an article about the White Stripes in a music magazine.

It feels a little…smug and just so terribly anti, but I promise it’s not the spirit in which the bet is intended. I could just not watch the Super Bowl. I don’t care about the game, but when I say I don’t care, I really don’t care. Meaning I also don’t care about people who do really like the Super Bowl. It’s just not my bag in the same way, I don’t know. Riding a unicycle isn’t my bag. I don’t complain on twitter about people who like to ride unicycles. And I don’t roll my eyes when I see people riding unicycles. I just…don’t ride a unicycle.

But rather than just skipping the whole thing, The Bet is a way for folks like me to participate in this national holiday. The Bet, and eating guacamole.

(PS I submitted to speak at Ignite Denver! Part of the selection process is voting on the topics, so if you wanted to click over and vote for my topic (Common Law Marriage) that would be cool!

That was fast

Our annual bet began last night…whenever the Super Bowl ended. Last one to find out who won the game wins. I had a close call in my Monday morning all-company meeting when the president made reference to the game, but he didn’t actually say anything about the winner! I suppose if I knew who he was rooting for, that may have given me a clue.

But then, at 8:45, maybe 12 hours or so into it…

Victory for me! Two years in a row.

I still don’t know, though, and am still trying not to find out. I beat Chris, but I still have two friends who are also playing along with us and I want to beat them, too.

The Bet 2012

It’s almost that time! I keep seeing references to Super Bowl snack recipes, so I can only assume it’s coming up soon. This will the fifth or sixth year Chris and I place The Bet: Who Can Go The Longest Without Finding Out Who Won The Super Bowl.

I won last year. I eschewed all social media for a few days and made it past the news cycle, but a few months later it was randomly referenced on a tv show. (Chris got spoiled from a music magazine article about the Air Force Super Bowl commercial that used a White Stripes song after a week or so.)

It’s not an anti-sports thing. I mean, sports are definitely not my bag. At all. But it’s not about raining on anyone’s boring, overhyped parade, but more about finding a way to participate in the hysteria without having to actually watch the game.

Game on.

We’re not sure if we’re in our fourth or fifth year of the bet, but each year there’s a bet in our house to see who can go the longest without finding out who won the Super Bowl.  It’s hard, y’all.  You have to go total media black out for the first 24 hours.  I had to stick my fingers in my ears and hum while the CEO of my company addressed a Monday morning meeting.

I didn’t have to use a sensory deprivation contraption like the one above (from an episode of How I Met Your Mother), but a few days without twitter, my google reader, or other random internet-ing was tough! But also…cleansing?  It was a nice (temporary) break.

But!  Of the five people playing along with us this year, I WON.  And I still do not know.  And now a secondary bet is on to see if I can go until next year’s Super Bowl without finding out who won.  It. Is. On.