Theater Shooting

I hit snooze this morning. Then I listened to the news. Then I cried. Then I went to work. Some random thoughts from in between, in no particular order:

1. The first thing I did when I sat down in front of my computer was to make a donation to the Brady Center to Prevent Gun Violence.

2. After the shooting in City Park a few weeks ago I was certainly rattled. To the point that I seriously considered moving. But…to where? I am reminded that there are bad people with guns everywhere.

3. It’s not “political” or “gross” to talk about gun control in the wake of a shooting.

4. While I understand the desire to say something and to connect to other people after a tragedy, most tweets on the topic seem pointless or silly, including my own.

5. It makes me not want to go anywhere ever. It makes me happy I work in a secure building, but it makes me not want to walk down the street to get here.

6. I want to take some kind of action, but I don’t know what to do that’s not pointless slacktivism. It makes me want to quit my job and run for office.

7. I feel sad and angry.