Year of the (Down) Dog

Apparently this is the year I get super into yoga. I just counted on Daily Mile and today was the 111th day of 2014 and I did my 93rd yoga practice of the year. (Mostly classes at a studio, three or four podcasts at home.) I’ve gone almost every day, with a slump in March when I was sick and then traveling. I finally splurged on a monthly membership and then, motivated to get my money’s worth, I just found myself showing up most evenings and some mornings, planning my day around classes with my favorite teachers, and getting a little weird. There are colored strings representing each of the seven chakras tied around my wrist right now. So there’s that.

A friend asked me if I was feeling quite flexible, and I had to say no, I don’t really feel much difference in my flexibility. But I feel incredibly strong. I couldn’t do a proper chaturanga before; I had to modify on my knees or do that fake thing where you start to lower yourself down but then you just kind of slide into updog, waving a quick hello to chaturanga as you drive by but don’t stop to chat. But now! I’ve got the real thing going on with that solid pause in the middle. Even one legged on a good day.

I also think it’s making me a better person. More calm. More grateful. Less judgmental. (A little.)

So. Here I am, contributing to the cacophony of bragging about work outs on the internet. I’ve certainly gone through my zealot phases before. With running, with Jillian Michaels videos, with swimming, then with triathlons, and now yoga. It’s an even more expensive hobby than doing tris, but I suppose as far as expensive habits go, there are much, much worse ways to spend your money.



Mini goals update

Last week I set the following five small goals.

Monday – walk to work (a little over a mile and a half, about 35 minutes with a heavy bag).

I got a ride to work because I woke up to a small fire I needed to put out and I wanted to get to the office more quickly, but I got my walk in after work, though I suppose my bag was a little lighter since I’d eaten my lunch.

Tuesday – run for 30 minutes.

Skipped it. Realized the State of the Union was on and I wanted to watch.

Wednesday – go to yoga or do a podcast at home.
Check! Did a podcast with Chris. At one point the instructor told us to curl our ears back. Yoga is weird.

Thursday – read for 30 minutes (I am in the middle of a great book, so I assume 30 minutes will run closer to an hour once I get sucked back in).

Read the Steve Jobs biography for…not sure how long but a good long while. I smashed my kindle (again), but I own the big heavy paper version of this book and its been on my nightstand since the end of 2011.


Friday – get up and do a 30 Day Shred before work

Ha. Nope.

All in all, probably better than I would have done without my goals, and I really loved having them as my iPad wallpaper for constant reminding. I am committed to the idea that I have enough time to do the things I need to do and that I want to do if I cut down on the things that are neither, my iPad being a huge time suck when I fall down a hole reading magazines or random internet.


Forget goals for the year. How ’bout goals for this week?

I have been feeling very embarrassed about my lack of exercise this winter. I don’t know how I went from 6-10 hours a week of workouts over most of last year to…like one workout per week. I’ve been feeling really overwhelmed at work lately and lacking the mental and physical energy for anything else.

My schedule has been something like…6:00, alarm goes off. 6:45, get out of bed. (Yeah, this is 45 minutes of my day I could get back, but I live with some mammals who are expert cuddlers.) 7:20, leave for work. 6:30 pm, leave for home. 7:00 eat dinner, make Chris watch a show with me, drink a beer. Maybe take a bath. Aaand begin again. 9:00ish, get in bed. Read twitter, my google reader, etc. 

But what I learned from the silly schedule from last year (which was somehow the same as above plus training before and/or after work) is that there are 16 waking hours in the day and what I do with them is my choice. I can work out more, and I can do more of the things I want to do if I make them a priority. I have time to read books. I have time to cook. I have time to meet friends for beers. I have time to run. I have time to volunteer.

So, this week my goal is to spend more time exercising and more time reading. As a consequence, I hope to spend less time sucked into random internet on my iPad or watching shows and drinking beer.

I set the following five small goals. Monday – walk to work (a little over a mile and a half, about 35 minutes with a heavy bag). Tuesday – run for 30 minutes. Wednesday – go to yoga or do a podcast at home. Thursday – read for 30 minutes (I am in the middle of a great book, so I assume 30 minutes will run closer to an hour once I get sucked back in). Friday – get up and do a 30 Day Shred before work.

To keep myself accountable, I’m posting my goals on the internet. (I actually think this does nothing for accountability. Think to yourself now, can you name a blog you read and a goal they have? I really can’t. If you post about a goal and never mention again, I’m sure I wouldn’t notice.)

To really keep myself accountable, I made this list the home screen on my iPad. So I have to look at it 20+ times a day.

Let’s do this.


IMG 0096

Half Marathon Training (and Life) Recap – Week 10 – Still Injured Edition

So, my right ankle and I are in a fight. It’s being cranky, and I am bending over backwards apologizing and groveling and cajoling to try to make it feel better.


Monday – Minds Matter! Five more weeks until we’re out for summer! It’s fun, but I am ready for a break.

Tuesday – After three days of not running, tried running on my treadmill. Ankle Pain! Switched to the bike. Oh! And I went to a Temple Grandin book signing. It was pretty cool.

Wednesday – Swam a mile. Bright side to not running: MOAR SWIMMING. I think I will always be a 40 minute mile swimmer. No matter how much I swim I don’t seem to get faster.

Thursday – Tired! Watched tv shows on the internet. Did not do my scheduled 10 mile run because of The Ankle Pain.

Friday – Minor dog emergency! I took Harper for a quick trip to the park before a planned exercise bike workout, but he injured two of his paw pads and they were bleeding a little. Ack! He is totally fine, but it was scary and I was on the phone with the vet and trying to keep him from licking them too much.

Saturday – Swam 1,000 yards. I don’t like swimming for less than 30 minutes but I just wasn’t in the mood to go long. Decided I’d go for a 2 mile run to see how the ankle felt. I felt awesome until exactly 1.6 miles in and then I felt pain. Headed over to yoga with my friend.

Sunday – Bailed on a meeting of the Ladies Walking Club because it was a cold and windy and busy Sunday, went to yoga again. Both Saturday and Sunday’s classes were hard and I am still sore.

Since I’m less than three weeks out from my first half-marathon (and the registration fee was ridiculous) I’m feeling pretty grumpy about my ankle. I even went to acupuncture yesterday for the first time to see if it would help.  It was an overall pleasant experience, but I don’t know. I’m not sold, but I’m not a total skeptic. Chris swears by it, but he’s generally a lot more…eastern medicine-y than I am.  I’ll see how I feel in a few days and maybe go back again next week.

I’m a unicorn!

I like being right

I was right about several things yesterday.

One, my afternoon involved drinking, so I did not end up running.  We went to MDPL’s annual”Murder on Broadway” fundraiser.  The premise was that a cereal spokesbunny (think…the rabbit on the Trix box) had been murdered and a host of other cereal spokespeople were suspect.  There was Krunchy the Cougar, Mellow, the hippy selling organic, sugar-free cereal, Boggy the Frog shilling basil cereal that made your milk turn green, etc.  The game started with a viewing of the crime scene: 

Then walking up and down South Broadway, finding the characters in local businesses, and then questioning them until you figured out who committed the crime.

I generally feel little icky about “Murder Mystery Parties.” Murder is serious and gross and sad and scary, and not generally something to make light of.  I mean, you would never throw a “Rape Mystery Party,” right?  But it was for a good cause and that it was hokey and essentially about cartoon-like characters, I felt a little less skeeved.  It was a fun way to check out some places I have never been. (I almost swooned when I walked into Beatrice and Woodsley and I will be there for brunch this Saturday.)

Two, I totally followed through with my plan for a slow, girl-talk-y run, Sunday morning yoga class, and followed by an epic breakfast and crossword puzzle.

I don’t know why I’m being so link-y.  Just feeling fancy, I guess.

Spending the rest of the afternoon with my book club book (The Leftovers) because the sooner I finish it, the sooner I get to start the new Steve Jobs biography.