get off my lawn, Jewel

I just somehow fell down an Instagram hole that led me to Jewel. Like, Who Will Save Your Soul Jewel. That one. 

And in general I have the utmost sympathy for singers who become famous at a young age. Can you imagine, seriously, can you even imagine the poetry you wrote at the age of 19 being the thing people know you for? 

Alanis Morissette is the same age as she is, now 41. I would cringe to be known now for the “deep” things I wrote about ex boyfriends at the time, much less ten years from now. 

But I have no sympathy for Jewel! I saw her in concert three years ago and she was really unprofessional. “I was going to release a few songs before coming today but instead I took a nap.” And she quit two or three songs halfway through because she couldn’t remember the words. When it came time for an encore, she begged off. “Let’s pretend I walked offstage and walked back on, my feet really hurt.”

I can’t find it now but three years ago Mel was pissed and tweeted something about how if I had showed up that unprepared for work, I’d get fired. And it’s changed the way I look at young celebrities. 

I can’t imagine that level of fame and stress packed on top of youth packed in top of not getting a college education or having those young formative years in an office job where you get knocked down a bit and just learn to be a fucking grown up. Like, why are these the people we hold up and idolize? In real life the people are so annoying. 

AND THEN I was scrolling through her Instagram and not but a few days ago she posted a photo of the footbridge not even one block from our new place. Get off my lawn, missy!


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